VAO 2020 2nd Round

With Covid19 affecting everything in 2020 I’d scaled back my planned entries to competitions and exhibitions that I’d had planned for the year. One competition that I had entered at the beginning of the year was the Visual Art Open UK International Emerging Artist Awards.

Due to the restrictions on exhibitions and the locking down of many public venues the VAO was postponed. Initially the results were meant to be decided on in May 2020, but the dates were put back. I had effectively given up on all competitions and exhibitions for 2020 with this one being postponed, and the Open Arts Exhibition at Cyfarthfa Castle being closed just after opening due to lockdown (now reopened and extended until November).

However, I received an email from the people at the Visual Art Open saying that I’d been advanced to the second round of judging. As this was only the second competition that I had entered, and the first that had moved past the first round.

Having now reviewed all entries, we note that the standard this year was extremely high.  We are pleased to inform you, however, that your entry was successful and will now go through to the next stage of panel judging.

Rainy Day on Pentregethin Road

This is the painting that has made it through to the second round. ‘Rainy Day on Pentregethin Road’, 40.5×40.5cm oil on canvas.

I was inspired to create this painting while sitting in the car waiting for my son to finish school on a typical dreich late autumn evening in Swansea. The lights from the oncoming traffic twinkled through the raindrops on the windscreen of the car. I thought that the image would be atmospheric and also a challenge to try and capture the refractions in the rain drops.

Judging by the VAO is on September 30th, with participants being notified in October.

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