Link Me Baby One More Time

I’ve been seeing quite a lot recently creators, especially on TikTok, but also historically on instagram (and if I’m brutally honest I’ve grumbled about it myself) bemoaning the real world pain of having something you’ve worked really hard on, and that you’re really proud about attract zero recognition, but the crappy little ten minute scribble, or throw away joke gets all the attention.

@davidnicolart @Yoyo is the original creator. Couldn't stitch how I wanted so please visit them directly. Very little actual creativity is truly appreciated on social media, so use SM to have fun, but always link back to your opus magnus. #artistproblems #socialmedia #fyp ♬ original sound – DavidNicolArt

The truth is that very few works of art are truly appreciated on social media. So here’s the solution: You create your own website (really, you should have this anyway because honestly, none of us can trust the big companies to not pull the rug out from under us at any point). You need to have a safe place for all your work that is not going to disappear or become unwelcome due to a whim of some megalomaniac billionaire who buys the platform you’ve been using.

Once you have your website, at every opportunity, and I mean EVERY opportunity you put your website address in your posts on social media so that if your social media account(s) suddenly disappear or become compromised then those people who really follow you will know where to find you.

Lastly, have fun on social media. There’s a reason stupid short videos of little artistic merit do so well. It’s an escape. So do the same. You can still be you and have fun in tiny little bites.

But always brand your content with your website!

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